Sunroom Addition Foundation Types

Depending on the type of Sunroom addition you chose, there are basically three different types of foundations to chose from to support your addition. Three different types of foundations for your sunroom addition are, have the addition on a crawl space, have your addition on a slab, and lastly, have your sunroom addition on top … Continue reading Sunroom Addition Foundation Types

Planning for the New Year

It’s the beginning of the year again so we are all in the planning mode.  If you’re a homeowner, now is the time to think about any remodeling projects you plan to get done this year.  Whether it is a kitchen or bath remodel,  an exterior makeover, new windows, siding or trim, this is the … Continue reading Planning for the New Year

Pool House Additions

Pool houses or pool house additions are becoming more popular.  This could be because less people are traveling, so they are investing more in their backyards to entertain and create memories.  Years ago, most backyards had a swing set, a dog house, and a few had a pool.  Pool houses or pool house additions have … Continue reading Pool House Additions

Sunroom Addition Comparison

Sunroom additions are one of the most popular additions people make to their homes. We do several sunroom additions each year and there are many options when considering this type of addition. The first thing to consider is; will a sunroom addition add value to my home. Another thing to think about is how the … Continue reading Sunroom Addition Comparison

Garage Addition Roof Framing

The most challenging part of framing a garage addition of this size so far has been setting the roof trusses. Trusses were needed due to the width of the garage and the fact that it has no interior walls, just 4000 square feet of open space. Trusses are specifically designed by an engineer to meet … Continue reading Garage Addition Roof Framing