Sunroom Addition Foundation Types

Depending on the type of Sunroom addition you chose, there are basically three different types of foundations to chose from to support your addition. Three different types of foundations for your sunroom addition are, have the addition on a crawl space, have your addition on a slab, and lastly, have your sunroom addition on top of an existing deck. The type of foundation is determined based on a couple of different things that we will discuss here.

A deck or an existing deck as the foundation can only be used for prefabricated sunrooms. These are the type of sunroom additions that are prefabricated in a factory using lightweight materials and assembled on the jobsite. In many circumstances, a prefabricated sunroom addition can be assembled on top of a deck using the same foundation that was used for your deck. Oftentimes, the sunroom installer will put insulated panels under the deck to help insulate the floor of the sunroom addition. This type of foundation cannot be used for a “stick built” or an addition that is built in the same manner as the existing house.

A concrete slab is another type of foundation that can be used for your sunroom addition. In some municipalities the sunroom addition must be two hundred square feet or less in order to have a slab foundation. When using a concrete slab for your foundation, care must be taken to make sure you run all of your heating, air, and electrical in its’ exact location, because once the concrete is poured it’s too late. Any additional wiring or otherwise will have to be on the outside of the sunroom addition if it’s added at a later time. If the existing home is already on a slab foundation, the sunroom addition will more than likely have to be as well.

The last type and probably the preferred type of foundation is the crawl space. If the existing house is already on a crawl space foundation, then the sunroom addition more than likely will be as well. One of the advantages of a crawl space is the ability to modify or add electrical or plumbing to the sunroom addition at a later date should the need arise. Another advantage of a crawl space is that the floor is usually a little more comfortable to walk on in the winter if you are in a cold environment. Aesthetically, a crawl space can match your existing house better whether you have brick veneer or some sort of mud swirl finish on the exterior.

That’s probably more than you will ever need to know about the types of foundations you can use for a sunroom addition or some other type of addition. A qualified Class A contractor should be able to guide you through many of the decisions involved in putting an addition on your home. Now is the time of year to start thinking about all of your home addition and remodeling projects for the year.

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